Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Extreme Play

The buddies were invited to a birthday party at Extreme Play Friday night.
This is the perfect age for this place. You don't have to follow your child around and make sure they aren't getting hurt.
I actually got to talk to the other parents this time around.
As you have probably figured out, it is all blow up slides and jumping things inside the little mall. They also have video games, riding toys, T.V.'s, food, and party rooms.
Happy Birthday Brady!!!! Whew, look at all those sweaty boys.


BE said...

We've never been to Extreme Play, but we've been to Monkey Joes- looks pretty much the same. Wait... I think B's class went to EP for a 9 week reward last year. The big kids love those inflatables, but L is terrified of them. I don't know why, but he is.
Looks like your boys are having a blast and were worn out by the time you left. :)

Shannon said...

Yeah, they all slept well. It is hazardous for little ones there. We kept seeing older kids in the little kid area. When they jump at the same time, the little ones get hurt. That may be why Luke is scared of them.

Nancy M. said...

I think they opened that place around the time we moved, so my kids never got to go. Glad yours had a good time!