Thursday, April 15, 2010

Egg Hunt and Easter Sunday

I helped Angie and Faith plan the egg hunt this year. Our Sunday School class also helped, and it went SO smoothly. The kids had so much fun! I am glad we got one last year to use this hill before the building starts.
S pleased with his basket of goodies. As you can see, there are still eggs out there, but his basket is full.
G is pooped. It was a gorgeous day. So sunny and warm. I got burned a little bit. Check out Wyatt's basket in the corner. Overloaded!
Easter goodies. Of course the big boys know what is going on, but they play along for the buddies. It is so cute. I got Levi and Wyatt the coolest bibles ever this year. They have come a long way since I was their age. They only came in blue, burgundy, grey, and black. Who else remembers that?
Waiting on Aunt Leigh and Uncle Dave on Easter Sunday. They came to visit and went to church with us. The service was a tad long. Half-way through, she leaned over and said, "I feel like I am at a homeschool graduation." True that! If you have ever been to a homeschool graduation, you know what we mean. ;)


Shannon said...

I told this to my mom and she said "What?" So funny.
P.S. I can rag on homeschool graduations because I had one, and have been to more than my share of them. Oh, and people, if I sat through yours.... you better be at MY kids ones. They start in five years. Ready? I promise it will NOT be a mini-talent show. ;)

Nancy M. said...

Looks like y'all had a ton of eggs for the kids! Glad they had fun!

twin power mommy ♥ said...

I can't believe the amount of eggs they had!!!
LOVE the soda idea in the baskets. My kiddos don't get sodas and i bet they'd like that alot!

Buddies are gettin big!

raising4boys said...

Great Easter pictures! Looks like they had a great time. And I can't believe Wyatt's full basket either...did they stay in? Kids!!!