Thursday, April 29, 2010


Last Saturday, the old straw barn came down. It was barely hanging on. Every time we had a storm the hubs would joke that THIS would be the day it fell down.
Turns out those old posts were doing quite well. He had to cut several with the chain saw before it could be pushed over.
We drew quite the crowd. Seems the male species are interested to know why the dozers are getting out.
Now the hard part. Getting all the tin off and the rest burned. Whose got a hammer?


CrystalW said...

Chad is in GA this week. I am sure he hated to miss all of the action!

Shannon said...

I wondered where he was. He usually comes to the destruction stuff. :)

Nancy M. said...

Now I know what all the excitement was about!

Anonymous said...

I'm betting there was a toilet in the barn. Any takers? LOL!!

Shannon said...

Angie, too funny!