Thursday, March 11, 2010

Signs of Spring

I was so excited a few weeks ago, when the first daffodils started coming up.
Even more excited to see these daffodils blooming. They are my special ones.
Aunt Patsy gave all of us girls bulbs, from Grandaddy's home place, last year before she died. I planted them separate from all of my other ones, around a tree, that I can see from every window in front of the house. Every time I see them, I think about her and how thoughtful this gift was.
The others are along the side of the yard where the fence used to be. They were planted by Landon's grandmother and have spread quite well.
I love it when they bloom, because they signify a new season. The only color in a sea of leafless trees.
And the most favorite part? Having them inside. Heavenly.


Nancy M. said...

Beautiful! That really means spring is here!

Rockin' it up said...

they are my fav. flowers--i hope mine are blooming when i get home :)

CrystalW said...

They are my favorite too! Very pretty!

raising4boys said...

What a great memory! I so miss my bulbs this year since we moved and don't have a yard yet. Can't wait to plant some to enjoy next Spring.

Love them in that vase too! Spring flowers are beautiful :)