Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Things We Do

Monday evening, Levi told me he had 40 cents left in his account at school. If you have a boy around this age or older, you know that they can go through 50 dollars on a lunch account in no time. Tuesday morning I forgot about the lunch money and he left for school. As I was getting ready to run errands for the Easter Egg Hunt at church, I remembered it. I wrote on my "to do" list to run by the middle school. The lady in the office was hesitant to let me track down the boy and give him the check. I was hesitant to leave it with her, because I didn't want it tacked onto the message board in the hallway. So I asked if I could take it to the cafeteria myself. She agreed, and gave me his student ID number, which needs to be on all checks for food. This conversation took place later....
Me- Hey, did the cafeteria ladies tell you I dropped by today?
L- No.......
Me- I gave them a check for your account.
L- I was wandering, because I KNEW I had 40 cents left and they still let me get taco bar (laughing because he thought he had gotten away with something)
Me- Nope, I paid it.
L- Hahahaha, I can't believe they didn't say anything.
Me- I can't believe you didn't figure it out.
L- I know! (still laughing)
Me- I think a huge thank you is in order.
L- Thank you for saving me from a nasty sandwich. (they aren't allowed to get regular food or fast food when their money is gone)
Me- You're welcome.


Nancy M. said...

I remember when my son was in school, I was such a bad mommy! I forgot his lunch money all the time. Then they would only let him eat PB&J sandwiches.

Shannon said...

Yep, they have to serve them something. :) At the elementary school it is a tuna sandwich. They all have a card that looks like an ATM card that they swipe at lunch. You can pay any time you like now, you can even do it on-line.

BE said...

to funny. Our kids can owe money. I think they let them owe for 1-2 lunches before they have to get the cheese sandwich. I am so glad we have the account online now, so that I can keep up with it. Before this year I had to keep up with it on the calendar. They would tell the kids when they are low, but for some reason the kids wouldn't tell me.

Shannon said...

I have the same problem with the buddies. So I ask them all the time if the lady has said to bring money.

raising4boys said...

Funny story!! I love the online pay too. But I also have to remember. My 2nd grader is good about telling me when it is low. I started making a habit to give them enough for the month and check it on the first pay day. I don't know how jr high works, can they spend more than the regular amount each day? That would be hard to keep track of.

Shannon said...

The older elementary grades can get extra items if they have permission. Middle schoolers can get anything, in whatever quantity they want, if they have money in their account. So when the boy gets 2 Clucks Deluxe (school version of Chick Fil A), fries and a milk or water bottle it can easily add up to four or five dollars a day. Or thee slices of pizza, and a salad. It goes like water, lol. Oh and the regular middle school lunch costs more, then the fast food line is a la cart.

Shannon said...

That should say "three". ;)

Cliff said...

Around here it was always,"Oh yeah Dad, I'm $30 behind at the cafeteria."
Why didn't you tell me sooner?

They never mentioned it till yesterday.

(the cafeteria lady was and is one of our best friends.)