Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lands End

Right before school started, I ordered lunch sacks and backpacks for the buddies from Land's End. Ever since the lunch sacks arrived, they have been slowly shredding across the top velcro. Last week, it finally got below the sew line and came apart.
If these would have been from ANYONE else, I would have sewn them shut myself and carried on. But they were Land's End. I have never had a school product from them tear or come apart. EVER. In fact, my kids have used the same backpack, everyday, for three years. They have dragged them across the floor, dropped them on the bus, and pushed them into lockers, with no signs of any wear and tear. They have been on trips and over night sleepovers. In fact, they usually tire of the color and want a new one. I still use the one Levi had in kindergarten, for our sports survival bag for the twins snacks and hot wheels.
So I called Land's End. Guess what? No press this number for a human. The 800 number IS a human. A LIVE PERSON was on the phone. Cheerful as ever. I gave her a brief description of what was going on, and she APOLOGIZED and transferred me to another human.
Yep, real people who speak and understand English. If I could have, I would have kissed her through the phone. She told me to look for new ones in the mail and send the old ones back, so they can remedy this problem. I told her my kids names were written in Sharpie on the inside, her reply was "no problem". The previous colors were sold out, so we picked out new ones and they arrived yesterday. I firmly believe, that if we hadn't had snow and ice, they would have been here on Saturday morning.
Look at these faces! It was like Christmas this morning. Kudos to Land's End and their great customer service. You ladies ROCK!


Carolina Mama said...

Their product and customer service totally rock and they are consistently rocking! That is why we've been fans forever. When I first read, I knew the solution and was going to email you to get in touch with them and Voila! :)

BE said...

We have those lunch sacks. I love how they can hook on the outside if the backpack. Ours have held up well with no problems.
I know Matthew's backpack tore on one of his side seams and they did the same thing. They sent him a brand new one (but he had to pick a new color too)

Nancy M. said...

Awesome! I love great customer service and being able to speak to someone who knows English! So glad they fixed your problem!

raising4boys said...

That is always wonderful to receive excellent customer service and be taken care of. I have heard of lands end but will have to remember them for school supplies. Thanks :)

Fantastagirl said...

That is awesome! I will keep them in mind next year when we are searching for backpacks etc. Kudos to Lands End!

The Amazing Trips said...

I feel the same way about LL Bean. When I ordered back packs from them this past summer for my triplets, they arrived - and the embroidery on one, didn't match the others.

Was it a big deal that two were stitched in white and one in black? No. Probably not. BUT. The black stitch was for one of our girls - and she really wanted white. So, I called and told them the problem. I offered to pay for the shipping, if they could just restitch our pack in white.

What I heard back was no problem! Satisfaction guaranteed! Send it back, we'll cover all the shipping and send you a brand new pack! (Which made me feel a little guilty. This perfectly good pack with our initials was going to go ... where?) And they said ALL of this in perfectly clear English.

I love good customer service. And I love that you shared this story. Kudos to Lands End!