Sunday, January 17, 2010


Since I am nearing the end of the mudroom project, I am going to post the before pictures. We previously had a dark closet, about hobbit height. I can't tell you how many times the kids thought their coats were lost, only to get a flashlight and locate it in said closet. Ha, there is the Pioneer hat that I took a ride on, nice.
Above the closet of darkness, the hubs would clean out his pockets and leave the stuff on top. Change, soybeans, corn, tickets from hauling grain, motorcycle helmets, a part of the planter, you get the picture.
This side was the area to remove shoes and coats and backpacks. In case anyone was wandering, those are egg baskets, and that bench is from the old Mount Pleasant high school locker room (not the one I fell on). Stay tuned for more.


Cliff said...

I know exactly what can be found on top of that closet. You forgot 5/16 bolts and nuts and washers and that little electrical gizmo he's been looking 'all over for' that you hid there. Shame on you.

Cliff said...

BTW, that little cabinet by the door is where you pile stuff that's supposed to "go back out to the shop where it belongs."

Shannon said...

Ha, I have heard those exact words before Cliff.