Saturday, December 5, 2009


We are finally getting the mud room built. Yesterday I was sent to Lowe's for some supplies.

L- Here.....take this piece of paneling with you.
Me- Why?
L- So you can match it up.
Me- You REALLY think they still carry this?
L- Of course. Why wouldn't they?
Me- (I thought of a few reasons, one being that it is quite ugly and dark but I kept them to myself) Because it is "old".
L- They'll have it.

So I went to Lowe's, with the scrap piece of 1972 ugliness under my arm. They had nothing even close to it. As I was checking out with my other supplies, the cashier saw the scrap piece.

Her- Did you bring this with you?
Me- Yep, my husband is trying to find a match for it.
Her- Oh honey! I hope you don't!

After arriving home, I was sent to a local lumber company. I called before I went.

Me- Hey, do you carry paneling?
Her- Sure, we have a few styles.
Me- Do you have something that looks like a 1972 special?
Her- (uncontrollable laughter) Not sure, you'll have to come and see.

They didn't have it. It seems the paneling gods have spoken.


Rockin' it up said...

lol--we have lots of paneling in ours I think we'll eventually just paint over.

Shannon said...

I hate painting. We are doing the bead-board and white trim like the hallway in the mudroom and the living room.

Cliff said...

Good idea to skip the paneling. Yep the old stuff was dark and ugly and it all seemed to warp.
Hope you get the harvest complete. We're all rushing around on this bottom ground to finish our tillage operations.

Shannon said...

Cliff it is super wet here. We still have around 300 acres to cut. Not sure when we will get finished and plant the small grain this year. Not looking good at all.

twin power mommy ♥ said...

So what exactly is a mud room?

I think that's funny that the panel gods were on your side! ;0)

Shannon said...

A mud room is a room that you walk into immediately from the back door, where you can hang up your coat, take off your shoes, etc. When it is complete, each child will have their own personal cubby for a coat, shoes and backpack. It also has the washer and dryer in it, and sometimes a large sink and/or bathroom.

raising4boys said...

Too funny!! My brother helped us build a mud room and I am loving it. We used bead board behind and put up coat hooks and a bench. It's my favorite room now (when the boys actually use it correctly)

Paul Nichols said...

'72 paneling is the Edsel of home remodeling.

Marel Lecone said...

haha the best! :)