Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Grandmama's House

I thought this was a shot of all the kids, and their kids and spouses, and realized that Dave is not in here. Dave.....where you at?
I love this pic, it shows the excitement/craziness of opening presents.
The great grandkids table (minus Kylin who is too small to sit here). We also just found out that Gracie is going to be a big sister next year. That will bring the count up to 10. Looks like the kids are going to need that kitchen table, lol.
The brother and sister shot for 2009. I KNOW David's eyes are closed, but everyone else looked so great I had to add it.


Judy Eddy said...

What a beautiful "brother & sister" shot. You 'guys' look like you're having fun and actually love and LIKE each other!! I love you and praise God for your love for me.
Love ya,

"B" said...

I love all the different facial expressions going on in the big family picture- Tyler- "what am I getting myself into?", Luke- "my mommy said if I smile I can have another piece of candy", and Levi is like- " when is my family going to stop embarrassing me?".