Friday, November 6, 2009

What You Don't Want to Hear

Conversation on Wednesday evening after wrestling practice at 7pm.

Levi- Hey mom.
Me- Yup.
L- You know that huge math project that was due in December?
Me- Yup.
L- I was wrong.
Me- About what?
L- It isn't due in December.
Me- When IS it due?
L- Friday.
Me- What?
L- It is due on Friday.
Me- The whole thing?
L- Yeah.
Me- Can you get it done in one day? You have a wrestling match tomorrow night.
L- I started fiddling with it on class and got it all done except for eight days.
Me- I don't know what you are talking about... days?
L- I have to draw a calendar and put equations on each day using these four things (blah blah something about quadratic equations A B C D squared blah blah)
Me- Let me see it.
(I looked at his paper, and saw something that looked like Chinese hieroglyphics numbered from 1 to 31, and knew this was WAY beyond any math I had EVER even ATTEMPTED.)
L- What do you think?
Me- I think if you did all of that during class time, you could have finished it if you would have paid attention the first time around, to the date it was due.
L- What are you saying?
Me- You are on your own.

Let me just say, I made straight A's in school, but I was not a genius. I had to work very hard at it. Something like this project would have involved many a tear, and much heartache. I knew people like Levi, and they made me sick, lol. As of this morning, he had all but three. He said he could do them on the bus. Cross your fingers.


Nancy M. said...

Thankfully, he's a really smart kid!

Cliff said...

just really good mothering...right?
Caught up here Shannon. You've been busy. Congrats to your son on the Beta club.
We're knee deep into harvest. Finally, good weather. We start today off with a breakdown. Well as soon as the parts get here we'll start.
We just have 40 a. of Beans left. Hope to be done by noon. Then back to the corn. The corn's been really wet but the nice weather has started to drop it below 20%.

Shannon said...

Wow, that is really good news Cliff. Hoping you don't have to dry the corn! We are halfway though bean harvest and done with corn harvest. I feel ya on the breakdown though. What a way to start off Monday, lol.

twin power mommy ♥ said...

THAT is amazing!

I was like you, did great in school, but with ALOT of effort.

I knew kids like Levi...i hated 'em...i wanted to be like that...didn't know HOW on EARTH they did it!!

I must say that i am impressed, though! You got yourself quite the smarty pants.