Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Watching Wrestling With G

The last half hour of the matches this is what I got the hear from G.......
I. Want. To. Go. Home.
I. Want. To. Go. Home.
(repeat above around 47 times, until even HE got bored of it and started reading the gym wall)
M. P. M. S.
M. P. M. S.
(repeat 32 times)
Mmmmm. Pa. Mmmmmm. Eeeessssss.
Mmmmm. Pa. Mmmmmm. Esssssssss.
(yes folks, he was sounding out the letters, it was cute the first two times, then he did that 54 times)
He cheered when it was over, only to realize that the boys all have to help roll up the mats and load them onto the coach's truck, and UNLOAD them in the weight room across the parking lot.
Oh yeah, it was SUPER fun.


BE said...

that sounds like games with Luke, except replace the complaining with trying to run off or asking for food. Makes it hard to watch for sure.

Nancy M. said...

Don't you love it! It will drive you completely insane!

Shannon said...

Oh yeah. I had to laugh, because what else can one do? Don't have the food problem because the concession stand is closed during wrestling matches. If it were open he would be asking for food too.