Monday, October 19, 2009


Me- Make sure your rooms are clean before we leave for the movie.
Wyatt- I already cleaned mine.
Me- When?
Wyatt- Last night. I was bored. It's clean.
Me- Okay.

(I didn't check it out, I took his word for it. I was too lazy to go upstairs. Soooooo, much later in the day, this is what I found. Apparently he picked up his Legos and called it a day.)


BE said...

It seems that our kids' ideas and our ideas of clean room are not quite the same. I can totally see B doing the same thing.

Shannon said...


Cliff said...

Speaking as a boy here...It looks great to me.

twin power mommy said...

Hey, at least he took initiative and "cleaned" his room.

As far as the health care goes, i agree that something HAS to change, but what Obama is proposing is not the right step that we, as a Nation, need to take.

Our phenomenal advances in health care is attributed to the funding that is in place. If Obama is allowed to pass the "government paid" health care, we will be no better off than other countries (and THEIR health care is nothing to write home about. People are ALWAYS coming HERE for their health care).

Sure EVERYONE will have some sort of coverage, but that leaves no incentive for health care providers. No incentive for them to offer "better" health care, or to search for that "cure".

The system IS messed up, i agree with that, but "Obamacare" is not the solution to the problem.

Sorry you guys had to fork out so much for simple routine shots and screenings.
I COULD NOT even imagine what we'd have to pay if we had no insurance, with all the issues my girls have had.

Now, does your state offer individual plans for the self employed? CA has a few options that we can pick from. Albeit, not cheap, but its better than paying full price when things come up.

Anyway, those are just my thoughts on it all ;o)

Dianne Avery said...

That's SO funny! The other day my son threw all his toys on his bed and call that good. "See mom, the floors clean!" sigh.......

raising4boys said...

LOL!! Great post :)