Friday, October 23, 2009

Farm Fridays

Soybean harvest is in full swing. We had an early frost last week that killed the last green ones. Hopefully it won't hurt the yield.
This is the bean header. Note it is round, the corn one looks like it has fingers. I went to a birthday party last week. An old friend asked me where the hubs was. It still amazes me that people think farmers get off at certain times of the day. During planting and harvest season it is 12-14 hour days seven days a week. I am a single parent.
This is what the soybeans look like at harvest time. Again....Angie.....they are dead. :) We drive up to a field, the hubs gets out, walks into it, and chews on a bean to see if it is ready.
Unloading trucks in the dark. I love how the beans look like liquid in this shot.


Nancy M. said...

I hope you were able to finish the harvest before the rain! That last shot looks really cool!

Anonymous said...

That IS a cool shot. It almost looks erie!!

Cliff said...

Shannon, we've had nearly four inches of rain in the last 3 days. We were already too wet. We have beans standing in water and corn "Up to it's ears" in water. Literally. Now we'll need frozen ground to finish.

raising4boys said...

Those are all beautiful pictures! Thanks for teaching me something. I'm not a farm girl at all, lol!