Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Corn Harvest

As many of you know, corn harvest is in full swing here. I am the new and improved hired help. We have a new monitor to help with all of the paper work that the hubs would lose in years past. It tells him what field he was in and what the yield was, and the moisture, among many other things. Our crop insurance man will love us for this, lol. Can you read the bushels?
This shot was taken in the bottoms yesterday. Landon put out the arm so you can see how tall the corn stalks were. Yep, they are hitting it!
I got out to make a video of the combine, and the stalks were amazing to walk in. This is me standing with the camera and looking up at the tops. Look how clean the rows are! It was like being in a corn maze.
Note to Angie: This is what the corn looks like when you harvest it. (She asked me why it was dead.) Love ya Angie!


CrystalW said...

I hope Landon is paying you good! It does look like a corn maze. Angie is too funny!

Shannon said...

It was pretty funny, I thought she was kidding at first. You know Jason farms too, lol.

BE said...

Pretty neat. Maybe y'all should make a corn maze next year, the kids would love that. At least mine would. :)

Shannon said...

That would be fun. But in the mean time, go to Kent Lowder's corn maze on 73. It is HUGE this year!!! He has added allot of extras too.

Nancy M. said...

Wow, it's amazing how advanced farming has become! I'll bet it does help with keeping track of everything. That is really tall corn!

Elizabeth said...

I must be a city girl, like Angie. Because it looks dead to me too. Not green like the kind we get at the grocery store that still needs shucking. Is the green underneath that brown?

And now I feel like an idiot. But I'll bet there are things in my backyard you might not know too, right? Uh... maybe not. :)

BE said...

Yeah, we do take the kids to the one of 73, they usually send home a coupon with the kids from that allows them free. We haven't gotten one this year, hmmmm. We need to go before the stalks start falling down.

Shannon said...

We have never gotten a coupon. I don't know why they don't give them out at Mount schools.

twin power mommy said...

Every year, just down the street from us, some locals have enough property to grow a corn field and pumpkin patch.

We love to go visit and run through the corn maze. Their son designs it every year and it's tough to finish it in less than 45 minutes.

That's about as close as we get to any kind of agricultural learning. (pretty sad, i know)

I always think it's super cool that your boys are growing up learning all this essential stuff for America to keep running.

What an experience for young boys!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am a city girl now, but I GREW UP ON A FARM! Here was our conversation for all you folks who didn't know that corn turned brown when it's ready.
Shannon: " That's our corn in those fields."
Me: "Oh, gosh, what happened to it? It looks dead to me. It's all brown."
Shannon ( with a look of are you serious or kidding?) : "Are you kidding?"
Me: "Is it supposed to look like that?"
Shannon" "Angie, I thought you were kidding. Corn is supposed to look like that when it's ready. It has to die and dry out, otherwise we have to put it in the dryer and that costs a fortune cause we use propane tanks to dry it."
Me: "Please don't tell Landon or Jason I said that."

Sunday at church.
Landon: "The corn died. It's all gone." ( smiling the whole time ) Then he proceeds to tell my FARMER husband what I said. Jason just shook his head at me.

In my defense, Jason always tells me wrong stuff, like soybeans are really tobacco.
The moral to this story is : NEVER TRUST A FARMER. HE'LL SELL YOU DEAD CORN. lol!!!!!!!