Saturday, August 22, 2009


Sunday Leigh and I carried lunch out to the beach for everyone. This happened right after we started eating our sandwiches.

S- I just lost my tooth. (matter of factly)
G- Let me see.
S- What does it look like?
G- We are twins again!

That night we discussed where to leave the tooth, as S was sleeping on the top bunk upstairs. And, Melvin Bubble came up. Don't know Melvin Bubble? Run to the nearest library and check it out. The book is "Who IS Melvin Bubble?", and was chosen as the top book that kids in NC loved this year. There is a funny page written by the tooth fairy in it that kids love.


Nancy M. said...

Cool! It's funny how he said they are twins again!

farmersdaughter4ever said...

SO funny that he said they were twins again! :)

Shannon said...

It was really cute!

Marel Lecone said...

I will definitely check out this book. Cute pic! :)

raising4boys said...

I love it!! "We're twins again" So cute! I have never heard of Melvin Bubble. Thanks for the suggestion. We LOVE books.

We are excited for school. Ready, but still can't believe summer is over and a new school year is beginning. I'm so glad Porter is doing good too. I was worried about him not eating and having to pack him a soft lunch to take to school, but he is doing great!! Thanks for asking :) Good luck to your boys on the first day!