Sunday, August 30, 2009

Conversation With a 12 Year Old

On Friday when he arrived home from school......
Me- Do you have any homework?
L- I'm not sure.
Me- What do you mean "I'm not sure"?
L- I don't think I do.
Me- How can you not know if you have homework?
L- I don't have any, I remember now.

Me- Do you have any homework?
L- Don't worry about it.
Me- Oh, I'M not worried about it.
L- Good.
Me- Let's just say....... if you DO happen have some, and it is not finished before tomorrow afternoon, you will not be going to the youth group pool party.

Not five minutes later, the math homework appears, as do some MORE forms for me to sign. (would this be when a man's "selective memory" starts?)

on a side note: I think my hands are permanently cramped from signing my name.


Rockin' it up said...

nice work! :) Love the first conversation "i just remembered and I don't" lol

Fantastagirl said...


He has a lot to learn doesn't he?

In our district we have to sign their agendas (which has a teacher note, and assignments) every night. If the parent doesn't sign they lose 1 point. So yeah, it kinda eliminates the whole - do you have homework conversation, because Pan knows if he doesn't bring me the agenda before supper with homework completed, he doesn't watch TV/play games/etc until it's done.

Shannon said...

The elementary kids have to get the agenda and behavior card signed every night, but the middle school kids do not.

Cliff said...

We found that our daughter told us too much but the boys had us on a need to know basis.
And they were sure we didn't need to know.

Montee said...

I have never figured out how my son does not know if he has homework or not. He also doesn't know what time he's in a certain class. I am glad I'm not alone when dealing with these issues.

Anonymous said...

That's okay, just imagine how those of us who are teaching feel. You put the assignment on the board and you tell them this is due tomorrow. Then the next day the kid says,"I didn't know we had any homework." Or you tell them there will be a test tomorrow. Then when "tomorrow" comes, you get the comment,"I didn't know the test was today!" That's when you think they are living in a totally different dimension than you are.