Thursday, July 23, 2009

Apple Camp

Monday my big boys attended Apple Camp, at the Apple Store in Southpark. Upon arriving, each child was given a free Apple Camp t-shirt made by American Apparel (softest one I have ever felt), a name tag, and a map. The class was on making your own movies using iMovie. The kids were divided up into pairs and had to record themselves, and then taught how to add special effects, background music, transitions, titles and credits. When they were finished, each movie was recorded onto a disc for the child to take home. I HIGHLY recommend attending classes at the Apple Store. (I learned so much, lol) Remember to sign up as soon as you get the first e-mail to attend one. The one my kids attended, filled up in a matter of minutes the day I received the e-mail from Apple. And.... the best part...... they are free.


Rockin' it up said...

that sounds AWESOME! I wanna go! :) can't wait for the beach!!!!

Shannon said...

It was. ;)

Nancy M. said...

That sounds like fun and what could be better than free!

Cliff said...

A great promo for sure.
The Caution Alligators sign would be hard to forget. It makes me nervous just to look at it.
Shannon we are finally going to hit 94 and humid today but a cold front and back to the lower 80's again. I can't believe this. We are always begging for cool weather by now.

twin power mommy said...

Now, THAT sounds cool.

Love the free part, too!

These days, free things are my best friend.