Thursday, June 18, 2009

Goings On

***The car below, is my sisters friends' car. They drove here in it so I could take them to the airport Monday. The hubs was afraid that something would fall on it, with all of these storms we have been having, so I parked it in the garage. Tomorrow they come home.***

Swimming lessons are going well. Almost ALL of the students are girls. Counting my four boys, there are only 7 taking in this time slot. I noticed when we were leaving yesterday, that boys were coming in droves. I guess they like to sleep late, lol. We are doing the 9-9:45 class this year. The buddies are learning to glide, the front crawl, and the elementary back stroke. The big boys are improving on their strokes and techniques. The older kids get to play Marco Polo from 9:45-10, if they want. The first day of class, one of the buddies looked around and said, "WOW Mama, there are allot of girls here." "Yep, it is a girl fiesta!" I replied.


CrystalW said...

I am a little behind on my posting and comments. As you know, I have been a little overwhelmed lately. Glad that swimming lessons are going good. When the boys get older, they won't mind being around a bunch of girls, but at this age girls have cooties, lol.

Carolina Mama said...

The Lima Bean is so cute and the little ones even moreso! Hey, did you order your LaPlate? I got that email. Hope it works out. Please let me know. :) Staying tuned.