Friday, June 26, 2009

Farm Fridays

Uncle Blake has been square baling this week. Wednesday Levi baled some. It was his first time, he had a blast.
As I was taking this shot, the buddies were talking. "Who do you think is gonna win?" they both wondered. Then busted out laughing. The bale wagon flies.
Landon and Levi. If we are lucky, the cutting will get through today and the planting can get into full swing. Cross your fingers. We also need rain because the corn is tasseling (hubs says tosseling). Very dry around here.


Nancy M. said...

Cool pictures! It's like we were getting too much rain, and now it hasn't rained in weeks. We just can't get the balance right.

Cliff said...

I hope you made it with the wheat. I'll bet the humidity isn't helping.
I loved the picture of the boys below. That is a keeper.
I'm glad we don't have beans to plant. If we did it would be a long time. We've had 8.5" of rain so far this month. When you walk outside it smells moldy.
Have a blast on the beach.

Anonymous said...

Tosseling is what my dad said also.