Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer Plans

This is for the peeps who keep asking me what our summer plans are. The big boys have a week of Challenge at Rock Creek Park, where they will be hiking, rock climbing, camping and canoeing with Aunt Bethany and the other staff. Hopefully we can get to Carowinds at least once this summer. We aren't going to get seasons passes this year.
All four boys are taking two weeks of swimming lessons the weeks in June after school gets out. If anyone would like to join us we are doing the 9-9:45 classes at John F. McGinnis pool. There will also be random other pool dates at my grandmothers house, of course.
Last, but definitely not least, a week at the beach. Y'all know we have to do that, lol. But that isn't until August. Oh, I almost forgot. My big boys are attending Apple Camp at Southpark and learning how to make and edit their own movies. As always, we will participate in our local libraries summer reading programs, where the boys get prizes for reading a certain number of hours. And the best part? Teaching the buddies how to sleep later.
What are your plans?


CrystalW said...

We are going to the beach June 21-24 and then the girls and I are going camping in Asheville with my Mom and my step family June 26-28. Other than that, we don't really have anything planned. Maybe our friends will invite us to go swimming...wink, wink!

CC said...

I was thinking of bringing Arlen out to your house one day to see the farm!! And visit with the supermom!!

BE said...

I need the "teaching the buddies how to sleep later" for all 3 of my kids. Do you offer lessons? LOL
We are doing pre-challenge, swimming lessons, beach trip and hopefully do the library reading program (we didn't do so well on that last year) Sounds like our plans are very similar. I can't wait until Luke is big enough, so we can do fun stuff like Carowinds or even hanging out at the pool longer than an hour.

Shannon said...

Carey, I would like to meet this "supermom" you speak of, lol. You are more than welcome to bring him over.
Crystal just call me any time, my boys are always up for swimming.
Brandy, I hope y'all are still trying to get to the beach with us in August.

Nancy M. said...

Your plans sound fun, I think I'll join y'all! I really don't have anything planned. I do hope we can get to the beach for a few days later this summer, but I'm not sure right now, if that is going to happen or not. So, I guess that leaves me with picking our veggies out of the garden. Doesn't sound too fun, but it should be really tasty!

Anonymous said...

Carey, bring your children up to Richfield and swim in my mom's pool when Shannon can bring her boys. I can't respond to your blog, so I'll talk to you on this one. We love Clarke's picture!
Aunt Judy

twin power mommy said...

Your summer sounds PACKED!!

Ours is pretty busy, too. We only get 6 weeks, so we have to plan wisely.

We ALWAYS do a four day getaway to Orange County (which is the beach area we love to hang out in) We go to their local fair, do the beach thing for a couple of days and lots of swimming in the hotel pool

We are also spending a few days in San Diego with my best friend. I haven't seen her since Nov. So me and the kiddos are heading down there in July.

The girls are taking two weeks of swim lessons, too...for their 6th year...they STILL cannot swim...but it's okay...they were, after all, preemie! ;0)

After all that is done, it'll be just about time to start back at school August 1st (yup we start back early).

We have just another week and 1/2 left over and then we'll be able to enjoy some "down time". CANNOT wait!!!