Saturday, April 25, 2009

Long Time No Post

Well, it has been a while since I posted. The hubs keeps leaving the camera in the field. So.... no pics. Let's see..... farm front. Corn planting is in full swing. Southern States is spreading fertilizer, Landon is planting during the day, and spraying in the evenings. It wouldn't be corn time if he didn't forget to buy the graphite, again. Every year I joke that I am going to buy a case to have for this very reason.
Preschool front. Spring pictures were taken this week. Wednesday was individual pics, the buddies were adorable in TCP outfits of cargos with a polo type shirt and Chuck Taylors. Friday was the cap and gown pics. They wore the same shorts and Chuck's, with a white long sleeved shirt and a tie that matched their shoes. S was red, G was blue (orange Chuck's are a special order color, so that was a no go). Class pictures were also taken at that time.
Temps. Wednesday morning it was freezing outside with a high of 68, and by Friday we were roasting in the 80's. Two weeks ago we had a hail storm. It seems Spring is menopausal.
Happenings. My baby sister turned 20 on Thursday. How did that happen? Weren't we just changing her diapers last week? T.MI. right? My brother-in-law is home from Wyoming for a 10 day visit. He got here yesterday and we talked for an hour with no kids interrupting. It was awesome to see him again. He looks great, a tad skinny, but great none-the-less. I was greeted with a bear hug (think hugging a young George Cloney and you have it ladies). He was off for some sleep before the concert yesterday evening. Yes folks, the Avett Brothers opened for the Dave Matthews band last night in Charlotte. I'm sure it was an awesome concert. Maybe one day we will be able to get a sitter and go to one.
School. Both L and W made the Honor Roll again. L was bummed that his Math grade that he has maintained ALL YEAR LONG went down from a 100 to a 99. W made a 100 in Science on his report card. Wow, these boys just keep amazing me. L made a 96 on a Science test, that got ten points taken off, because he forgot to write his name on it. He did extra credit, on his own, worth the ten points to get it back to a 96. He just told me all of that last night. Growing up and taking on responsibility for his own grades and homework is so nice. W told me there were 33 days of school left this year. (I wept silently, haha) He is ready for summer vacation to say the least, and planning his birthday party for August. It is so cute.

Pics soon, promise.


Cliff said...

The portable soybean roaster is a new one for me. I roasted some soybeans in the oven once to a dark brown and made coffee from them and no one could tell the difference between the two.
What kind of guidance system did your husband put on the 'wedding' tractor?
I've been thinking I should do that but haven't.
Oh yeah and $?

CrystalW said...

When you get the pics of the buddies, I want to see. My car got hailed on AGAIN. I am glad that I used the insurance money last May to pay it off because I would have just wasted it. I can't beleive that B is 20. Congrats to W and L for keeping up the grades. Autumn is the same way. If she misses one question on a test, she beats herself up. Now I just wish Brittney and Tyler cared about their grades.

Rockin' it up said...

those pictures sound SOOO cute! You MUST post them! I can't wait to go to the beach with you all this summer! Anyway--pray for Dave today--he's hearing back from a job app. love yoU!

Nancy M. said...

You have the smartest kids! They seem to really want to do well!

Your brother sounds cute! My husband used to work for the Avett brothers father.