Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chicken Coop

Yes, yes, it is a chicken coop. The chickens were starting to peck one another in the crate that they were in. Hopefully this will remedy that problem.
Landon went back and forth on the design, but once he settled on one it was full steam ahead. The only thing we had to buy was a roll of chicken wire. He put runners on the bottom so we can pull it around with the four wheeler, every-so-often, to a new spot.
He saw milled some of the boards, but everything else was around here somewhere. We even found another roll of chicken wire in the top of the shop. (Crystal... tell Chad that the Barrier's DO on occasion use the junk they have stored, lol)
The last thing was an area to get away from the wind and stay warm until they are big enough to be without the heat lamp.


BE said...

I didn't see yesterday's post, but that is a much bigger chicken coop than I was expecting to see. Landon did a great job!

Montee said...

This is a cute coop!

farmersdaughter4ever said...

Cool coop! It sorta makes me miss the farm!...hheeeeheee....but only sorta! Nice job Landon! I wish we had stuff like that laying around to "scrap up" a nice coop like that whenever needed!

Nancy M. said...

He did an awesome job! It looks great. I'll bet the chicks are loving their new space. I like that you can move it!

Anonymous said...

Do you have a little ledge for them to get up on at night? Chickens don't like to stay on the ground after it's dark. I found that out when I went after dark to feed Patsy's chickens (that I had forgotten to feed earlier), and thought they had all escaped! Shining the flashlight around, I found them perched way up high in the chicken coop. No way were they getting down to eat, at least not until dawn.

Shannon said...

No, we have to add that. It was getting dark when we finished Sunday evening. We ran out of time.

Shannon said...

This is for Mom, the perches are in.

twin power mommy said...

I am impressed.
You are lucky to have yourself a handy man like that.
Me and my hubby were just laughing today about how UN-handy he is.

He's GREAT at crunching numbers, though! ;0)