Friday, April 10, 2009


(back story: for those of you who don't know the hubs well. He had chewed and dipped tobacco since he was 12-13. He quit almost three years ago.)
A few weeks ago Levi was messing around in the shop. He found a can of dip on the ground and held it up.

Levi- Daddy, is this what you did?
Hubs- Yeah.
Levi- Did you READ the can?
Hubs- Yeah.
Levi- It says it can cause mouth cancer and tooth decay!
Hubs- I know.
Levi- And you STILL did it!!!!!

Out of the mouth of babes people.


raising4boys said...

At least Levi should know better right!! At bet those warnings weren't there when your hubs started. (of course we aren't that old) :)

Shannon said...

The warnings were there. He just chose to ignore them. ;)

Amanda said...

That's funny!

Montee said...

My husband has dipped and chewed since high school. Our son would fuss at him all the time. Then a couple of years ago when Brett was 15, he tried some dip. he and my husband were sitting in a deer blind and Brett asked if he could try it. My husband gave him the biggest pinch that he could. Brett took it and proceeded to get dizzy and throw up. Brett won't be dipping.

twin power mommy said...

Well, good for Levi!

My girls are very keen on those sorta things. Chris used to smoke. They always ask him why he did such a bad, disgusting thing.

I like that it has opened the door for a teachable moment!