Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More Snow

More snow pics for the family.
Some of you may or may not remember, but it poured down rain the whole week-end before it snowed the other week.
This probably hindered what we could have gotten in the snow department. It was allot fluffier and deeper, but it was melting very quickly.
Not that I am complaining, y'all know I don't function well when the temp drops below 50 degrees. (this is how we "farm folk" sled, attach anything slippery to the Gator or 4-wheeler, and let it rip)
BUT, the bottoms were flooded from the rain. The hubs has never seen them flooded during a snow storm. (note: this is the other side of Teeter Bottoms for those of you trying to figure it out)

It feels so crazy to be posting these with my sunburned face and arms. Oh, and did I mention that the AC is running. It was 78 degrees in the house this evening. Whew!


Elizabeth said...

We are having the same schizophrenic weather here in Missouri too! Ugh!

Nancy M. said...

Cool pictures! I like your idea of sledding. It is crazy how it goes from one extreme to the other here lately.

twin power mommy said...

Now THAT's weird!
The weather jumping from those two extremes is crazy!