Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Conversation with my sister Leigh.....

Me- Hey.
L- So how was Asheville?
Me- Good.
L- It's a fun little town.
Me- We bought the boys 10 chickens on the way home.
L- What?
Me- We bought the boys 10 chickens on the way home.
L- Were they on the side of the road...... or what?
Me- No silly. We stopped by Tractor Supply and the chicks were out so we got some.
L- That's cool.
Me- Yeah, except, the chickens were less than 2 dollars each. All the chicken "paraphernalia" added up to 80 dollars.
L- So, this is going to be like the goldfish the boys got for "free" at the fair?
Me- (laughing) It's looking like it. While we were there I picked up a book called, "How to Raise Your Chicken". I was flipping through it and stopped on a page titled "Recipe For Homemade Chicken Soup".
L- Hahahahahaha.
Me- Yeah. I mean, the outside of the book didn't say "How to EAT Your Chicken".
L- Good stuff.


Cliff said...

Nothing better than home raised fryers.
It sounds like our grandkids are going to get into the business this year.
Our kids always had 1 to 2 hundred head. Good deal for them. We bought the chickens and the feed and they got the money for selling them. They found out they could charge almost anything they wanted to and people would pay it because they are so much better than store purchased birds.
Great tour of the 'big' house.

BE said...

that's funny. the boys will have raising them.

twin power mommy said...

I love me some good chicken! :D

The superman song is pretty awesome. It's by a guy who's hometown is close to mine. He has come and played at our church several times. His name is Moi...great Christian music!

Check him out on itunes sometime...his stuff rocks!

Have a good one!

Nancy M. said...

Funny! I love my chickens and I love to eat chicken, but I could never eat my own chickens. I have thought about buying those plain white chickens for cooking and eating, but I haven't done it yet.

Carolina Mama said...

Love it! And what Nancy said. :) That would be me. Can't wait to see and hear how it goes.

Anonymous said...

Right now all you'd have would be a chicken nugget. You'll have to get them a little bigger...good luck with keeping them alive. After raising chickens all my growing-up years, it's hard to imagine reading a book on raising them. Patsy seems to do well with hers, when the coyotes and hawks don't get them. I never had any problem with killing the ones we had. We never named them. We named the first two calves we had, but no more. It's hard to eat something with a name!

Fantastagirl said...

ahhh raising chickens, i think it is a right of passage for all children raised on a farm. Our local 4H has a "Broiler Project" and it just unreal how big they end up - look like small turkeys!

Have fun with it!