Monday, March 16, 2009


Automated phone call from the school last thoughts are in parenthesis.

Hello, this is Corey Cochran, principal of the elementary school. (get on with it) We have been seeing an unusual amount of sickness at school. (what a news flash) Currently we are sending kids home with the flu, strep throat, and a terrible stomach virus that involves severe diarrhea and vomiting. (awesome) If your child is sick or has a fever, PLEASE DO NOT SEND THEM TO SCHOOL. (yes, please) Remember that, if your child has a fever, they MUST stay home for 24 hours after said fever before they return to school. (please don't let us get anything else) Let's get the students well. (then you may want to do away with perfect attendance) Thank you and have a great week-end. (PLEASE no more sickness!!!)


Fantastagirl said...

No kidding - you should keep sick kids home?

Carolina Mama said...

The Buddies are gorgeous! And no, I can't believe it either. Congratulations (sort of b/c don't we want to stop time :)

Hope everyone feels better soooooon.

Amanda said...

Hope y'all feel better soon! Maybe they could offer a prize to the kid who pukes the most instead of perfect attendance? LOL

Shannon said...

That picture of them was actually from last year when they turned four. Seems like yesterday. You can see the boxes from Dan's house fire in our office.