Monday, February 23, 2009

Valentines, Parties, and Honor Roll, Oh My!

Finally, now that February is almost over, here are some Valentine pictures of the kids.  I decided to get a "family gift", and got a cool board game called Pictureka.  It is really fun for big and small kids to play together.
Valentines Day we always give each boy a small treat bag, Valentine Cards, and this year I added Orange Crush.  Cute Huh?  Anyone drunk an Orange Crush lately?  Yeah, I almost threw up it was so sweet.
Here are the buddies after their Valentine bash at preschool.  Those little boxes are filled to the max with candy and cards.  Remarkable since there are only 11 kids in their class, lol.  They had pizza, cookies and juice boxes there too.  
And, last but not least, we have Wyatt at the fourth grade honor roll celebration.  The principal was on the ball at this one and kept the names rolling.  These things have lasted for 45 minutes in the past.  
They get a certificate, a gift, and their name is put into several drawings for free family night stuff in town.  Also, this year they have started something new.  All the kids sign their names on a huge banner, that is put in the entrance to the school for one week.  Love it!  After the celebration is over, they get a drink and a snack and can be signed out early for the day.  (as you can see this was when it was 72 degrees outside, today I am missing that with the arctic winds we have going on)


Nancy M. said...

Great idea for Valentine's Day! The honor roll rewards are also a great incentive for kids to do their best. I miss the warmth too, looks like it will be a little warmer later in the week.

Rockin' it up said...

cute pix :). I can't believe you already have Daffodils! My are starting to get a bloom and I am worried I'm going to have to cover them. Our mornings are still below freezing!

Shannon said...

Ours were fine during the freezes that we have had. They are pretty hardy plants. We have had blooms for several weeks now.

twin power mommy said...

Weather is such a weird thing....cold one day and hot the next!
And i wonder why i can't seem to stay healthy ....hmmmm...

The buddies sure made out like bandits, though! That's cute!

Carolina Mama said...

Y'all do the most fun stuff. These are all cute. Love those heart sunglasses. I was just wondering if my peach tree is blooming - will I still see actual fruit in season ? Hope so.

Hey, thanks for sharing that homeschooling information. So cool. I would love more information, the conference, your parents. If you have time to email: :) Thanks!

Homemom3 said...

we gave each child a small box of chocolates. When the girls get older they will each get a carnation on the special day.

They look cute in their party gear. As for the crush I can no longer drink any orange soda drink due to those darn pregnancy tests for diabetes when they give you that ikky orange sugary drink. blek.