Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Road Trip

Well, I was going to post some Valentine pics for everyone, but the hubs has the camera for the next two days.   He ended up finding a planter.  It practically appeared on the Tractor House site, just as he had decided on another one.  Long story short, it doesn't have everything he was wanting on it, so he found the parts used.  The catch?  They are in Illinois.   He has always wanted to see the farm land up North (me, not so much, been there, done that, lol).  So he and a buddy left this morning at 4am to go pick up the planter parts.   Stay tuned.


Nancy M. said...

Wow, that is a ways to go to pick up some parts! At least he'll get to see some places he's been wanting to see.

Shannon said...

Yeah, he could get them here faster than FedEx freight could. And when he wants/needs parts, he wanted them "yesterday", lol. We are doing more and more business up North now, because there aren't allot of farms around here anymore. They are all housing developments.

raising4boys said...

Are you missing your camera more than your husband? J/K. What a fun break for your husband and little buddy. Sounds like some great bonding time as well.

Have a fun weekend :)