Friday, February 13, 2009


Wednesday morning I ended up driving both older boys to school, because Levi had a project and had asked for a ride the evening before.  What I didn't realize was that I would also be making several more stops after dropping everyone off at their respective schools.  We loaded the car at 8:15.  Plenty of time to make the 8:30 tardy bell for middle school.  I had forgotten that I needed to take three bags of deer corn to one of the ladies at the FSA.  Across the street we drove to the mill house porch.  Then we were on our way.  Of course we got behind the recycle truck on 73.  I glanced at the clock, it was now 8:23.  I asked Levi what time the tardy bell rang.  He didn't know, but I could tell he was getting anxious.  He muttered something about staying on gold level and not getting any tardies for the year.  We all cheered when the truck turned at the next road.  Then we caught two red stop lights.  He then tries to tell me how to pull into parent drive at the middle school.  Seriously son?  Like I haven't been here before, I get that you want to stay on gold level and all, but don't tell me how to drive.  I smiled when I saw several cars pulling in the line in front of us.  "You're golden", I said as I dropped him off.  Cute, right?  


Nancy M. said...

It's great that he cares and wants to stay on gold! A lot of kids wouldn't even care.

You asked on my last post my son's age. He's 18 months old. And I think you were right, it was probably a coyote that got my chicken. We tracked it this time. Or at least tried!

Amanda said...

That's great he's concerned about his attendance. My son has tardies, but we have to get allergy shots every week.

Cliff said...

Happy VD. Doesn't sound right does it?
We've passed out the Valentines to our resident grandkids. All is well.
Glad your son stayed on the gold level. Yes...Golden.

$5 Dinner Mom said...

Hey Shannon! Thanks for coming by $5 Dinners! The meals I'm making are for my family of 4. I have 2 young boys. Some recipes have LOTS of leftovers, others don;t. Just depends! I've found that rice recipes are the easiest and cheapest to stretch!

:) Erin

raising4boys said...

You are so clever!!