Saturday, January 17, 2009

Trucks, Tarps, and Traffic, Oh My

Yesterday I rode to Charlotte with the hubs to pick up the trailer.  As you may have noticed we had a tarp put on it.  Decided to let the tarp pros take care of the installation for obvious reasons, lol.  Yes, Landon could have done it, but it would have been a huge headache.  I now have a new respect for truck drivers.  Riding up that high, and bouncing around is rough.  You also feel like you are going to hit everyone, or I did anyway, guess the hubs is used to it.  Don't even get me started on changing 5 gears just to pull out into traffic.  Isn't the new tarp sexy?  Around Harrisburg he asked me if I was warm.  I replied that I was about as warm as I was riding the chairlifts at Winterplace.  My nose was frozen.  Come to find out the "heat" was blowing out cool air on my legs.  But after we got out at the tarp place and the frigid air hit me, the truck wasn't so bad after all.


Nancy M. said...

Shannon, you won my giveaway! E-mail me for your code. Congratulations!

Cliff said...

I must say the decision to let the crew put the tarp on was a good one. I had a new one put on last summer and decided the same thing. My daughter drives our tractor/ trailer, mostly, so I put on an electric model. The disapointing thing is that they never offered me the remote version. So we still have to stop and get out and hold a button.

happy girl said...

I get alot of inspiration from reading this but I think you should have been a writer. Thanks for allowing me to draw from you.
at the parks and with your dad.

Marel Lecone said...

I went a couple of time truck driving a long time ago. I respect truckdrivers too. Hope all is well.