Friday, January 2, 2009

To Gramdma's House We Go

After we left my Grandparents house, we drove over to Landon's moms house.  The boys played Cars bingo while waiting to open presents.
The stockings.  Always my favorite part.  You never know what you will find in a stocking.
They each got a snow globe, fruit, candy, and other cool gadgets to play with.
This is Landon's mom.  Do you see the resemblance?  He thinks he looks like his dad, but I see allot of his mom in him.
She always finds a wooden puzzle for him to solve every year.  He has quite the collection, now if "someone" would build some shelves in the office we could display  them.  Just saying....
Each of the boys got a remote control car that kept them entertained while supper was cooking.  They stayed outside forever.
Check G's mouth.  I asked him if he had been eating chocolate.  Think hard son.  He replied, "Maybe."
This was the last get together, I know it was allot.  Hope everyone had a Happy New Year!!!


Rockin' it up said...

Love the pix! We are stuck at the airport in Dublin--delayed for at least 3 hrs--so I'll be on here for the next 1 b/c we paid for wireless to call our ride from the airport--get on Skype and give me someone to talk to! :)

Shannon said...

Good talking to you this morning, have a safe flight. Happy B-day Dave!!!

Fantastagirl said...

Loved looking at all your Christmas' so awesome that you are so close to your families, and have so many Grandparents to visit.

Love the last picture!

Amanda said...

I love the "maybe" to the eating chocolate. Boys!

CarolinaMama said...

Happy New Year! Love your resolutions. I have a couple similarities in mine. :) We'll keep each other accountable.

Your get together pics all look soo fun.

How is the macbook going? :)

twin power mommy said...

I cannot believe how many "get togethers" you had!
Talk about spreading it all out and making it last!

I actually would enjoy that kind of Christmas holiday!

The ski pics were awesome. I've only been skiing once. Me and my hubby LOVED it! I was naturally better than my man was, but it was still fun teasing him.
I am amazed at taking twin 5 year olds out in that!
It woulda freaked me out BIG TIME!

My girls are so uncoordinated anyway, that they'd be an accident waiting to happen! ;0)

twin power mommy said...

...oh yeah...and seeing you next to your hubby and kiddos like that makes me realize how TINY you truly are! Looks like Levi is 'bout ready to catch up to you, huh?!