Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Last Thursday evening, we packed up the kids and drove to Boone to spend the night.  (that is in the NC mountains for those of you who don't know)  I think the boys would be happy if all we did was spend the night in a hotel, then get up and go home.  (above is my lodge bag of dry socks and gloves, which I took for nothing because it was 58 degrees and we were burning up)
The highlight of the night was swimming in the pool and going to the lobby for free snacks.  I highly recommend the Hampton Inn in Boone.  They have food, juice, and water bottles out all day, instead of just during breakfast.  And then there is the pool, lol.
We got to Sugar Mountain by 8:30 the next morning to get our tickets.  By the time we got our equipment, the place was packed.  Seems everyone had the same idea, because we saw several other families from Mount.  (it was a teacher work-day)
Sugar has no lines set up for you to walk through to get boots, skis, and poles like Winterplace does, so it was chaotic.  Did I mention it was crowded?  The line was out the door and around the building.  
I was in charge of myself, S and Wyatt.  Landon had G and Levi.  If you ski you know what that means.  I had to carry one of my boots, one of my shoes, my skis, my poles, one of S's boots, one of S's shoes, one of Wyatt's boots, and one of Wyatt's shoes.  S carried his skis, and Wyatt carried his skis.  (you put one boot on there and they adjust skis with the other boot).  By the time we got to the locker room I was exhausted, and W and S were complaining.  Did I mention that I also was carrying their toboggans and gloves?  By the afternoon I was skiing with no toboggan, no gloves, and no coat.  It was THAT hot.  Oh, and it was crowded.  Lift lines were 10-20 minutes long and the boys weren't loving standing in line, so we only skied for a few hours and then loaded up for home.  Thank goodness we had a group rate from my mom, or it would have been one expensive nightmare.  I told my mom the place was slammed when we got home that night.  She didn't know what that meant, lol.  Slammed was an understatement!


Nancy M. said...

That really sounds like a chore just to get ready for skiing. Sorry it was so packed!

Shannon said...

Yeah, I think we are going to rent the stuff from home next time just to avoid those equipment lines. It is exhausting, with kids, just to get outside, lol.

carolinaMama said...

What fun though. And thanks for the word up on place to stay - we have not tried there. :) Sounds like family fun to swim and play and ski some.

raising4boys said...

Even though it sounds like a lot of work, what fun to get away for a night! Isn't it funny what things kids love most...free snacks and swimming in the hotel. They don't need all the expensive entertainment to call it a VACATION!

P.S. FHE stands for Family Home Evening. In our church they ask us to set aside Monday nights to spend time with our families either teaching a principle in the form of a lesson or doing an activity together.

Amanda said...

I think if it were me, next time I'd just go stay overnight in the hotel and swim then come home LOL.