Tuesday, January 13, 2009

End of the World

This took place yesterday while I was trying to have five minutes of peace on Facebook, re-parking my cars on Parking Wars.

L- It happened AGAIN!!! (slams backpack on kitchen table)
Me- What?
L- My binder fell on the floor at school and broke!
L- I SAID my binder fell off of my desk at school and BROKE.
Me- Okay......
L- Can you take me to WalMart?
Me- Can you not talk to me while I am in the office?
Me- I am serious.
L- If I don't get a new binder tonight, I won't even be able to find my math homework tomorrow at school.
Me- (Can't believe he just went THERE, he with the forty-five math homework passes and the 100 average in that class, one missed homework isn't going to sink the ship)  Sounds dramatic.
L- Come and LOOK at this mess!  Look at all of my papers, my workbooks, my notebooks, agenda....
Me- That is the problem, there is way too much stuff in that binder.  It wasn't made to haul all of that around, that is why they invented lockers.
Me- Keep your pants on, we are going to Staples in a minute.
L- Why Staples?
Me- This was your lucky day.   Wyatt needs new shoes, and we were going to the mall anyway.

And, just like that the attitude was gone.  Oh, don't worry, it reappeared when he was putting everything into the new binder at 8:30 last night.  :)


tardevil said...

And so it goes...right?!

Shannon said...

Yep, lol.

Carolina Mama said...

That is funny! Hey, got the Carolina Girls Rollcall going! :)

Amanda said...

We had a similar incident yesterday over some paper I was evidently supposed to fill out and return to school but it was never brought home. I can't fill out imaginary papers.

Marel Lecone said...

He's serious about his binder. Gotta respect that! :)