Thursday, December 18, 2008

Preschool Program

Wednesday the buddies had their Christmas party and program.  There was a book exchange.  We each had to send in a three dollar or less book, and then the kids drew numbers and chose one from under the tree.  
The program was hilarious.  The buddies were two of the wise men.  The shepherd boy was embarrassed and walked up to the manger and threw the sheep onto the floor.  Then "Mary" was busy cheesing for her grandmother and forgot to pick up the Baby Jesus.
When she finally remembered to get the baby, she picked him up, upside down.  I don't know if you can see it or not, but S's crown is so heavy his ears are sticking out.  Great stuff!  Of course, it was followed with a meal of chicken nuggets and pig in the blankets, jello and juice boxes.  I mean, it isn't a party without the nuggets and juice boxes..... right?

(Just to clear everything up.  Both buddies had a haircut.  They were getting extremely shaggy and I couldn't take it anymore.  It is short, I did it, I used the 8 on the top and the 5 on the sides and back.  They are loving spiking the top.)


Marel Lecone said...

So nice to see a preschool program celebrating the birth of Jesus . . . really cute pics with all of the kids. Have a great one!

Shannon said...

Their preschool is at a church. Most are here in the South.

Shannon said...

Hey, don't forget we live in the BIBLE BELT, lol.

BE said...

Preschool programs are the cutest! I loved watching ours. The kids always do the funniest things! Glad the boys had a good time at their party & I like the book gift idea.

Nancy M. said...

Kids Christmas plays are so cute! Gotta love them!

Amanda said...

Those pictures are adorable!

You let your boys have long hair LOL. Our oldest gets no guard, and the lil one gets the 3.