Saturday, December 27, 2008

Grandmama's House

Every year we go to my Grandparents house on Christmas Eve.  We have a wonderful supper of turkey, ham, green beans, creamed corn, stuffing, mashed potatoes, salad, rolls, and more.
When the family started getting huge (10 grandchildren and now 8 great grandchildren) we started drawing names.  When we were little, it was a huge deal to keep your name a secret, and then peek under the tree to see who had YOUR name.  
Those who can, stay and go to the Christmas Eve service at Grandmama's church with her.  The last hymn is always Silent Night sung by candlelight.  Might explain why that is my favorite Christmas hymn.  
The whole family used to fit on this couch for photos at one time.  This year we gave it up, and posed by each family separately.  It was quite hilarious.  With four cameras going you never know which way to look.
Dave and Leigh, we missed you guys so much!  (and Terri Lynn, Uncle Terry, and Aunt Myra) I know you are enjoying Ireland though.
We always get a stocking at Grandmamas.  This year we were trading candy amongst ourselves.  One 3 Musketeers for 2 Andes Mints.  What?  Andes are the best, of course I was in on the trading action.
Grandmama was always full of surprises at Christmas.  One year Kyle got a wagon full of switches.  Another time Shaun got a dirt bike.  Granddaddy said Santa had dropped it out of his sleigh in the wrong yard.  
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

And there is the best Christmas present children and grandchildren. Isn't that a good looking family? I can't wait till down-the-road with Leigh's, Bethany's, and David's children added in....if I'm still here then. God is so good. We missed Leigh and Dave so much.
Love, Mom, Grandmamma, Mi-Mamma.

Marel Lecone said...

Looks like a great time! Merry Christmas.

Amanda said...

Holy cow did those couch pics take me back. My grandma had the same paneling, and exact same picture frame above her couch. The furniture in Grandma's house was the same proportions and in the same positions as yours, just different styles. Crazy. Only difference is grandma had 1979 green sculpted carpeting.

Nancy M. said...

Great pictures! I'm glad y'all had such a wonderful Christmas with your family.