Saturday, December 20, 2008

Feed Cart

The other afternoon the hubs was pulling this from the pasture into the shop yard.  The banging and clanging could be heard from a mile away.  In fact, the PTO fell off in the driveway.  I thought to myself, what in the world is he up to?
This was a chassis from a truck, that for whatever reason was parked in the pasture truck graveyard with some pretty good tires on it.  He removed two of them, axels and all, and started welding on these blue beams.  
Ah, now I get it.... a feed cart for round bales.  He cut several more beams that he has stored in the pasture also, and saw milled a floor.  
What do you think?  Total cost?  Nada.  Now that is my kind of rainy day project.  
Voila.  No more wasting the bottom of round bales.  Also he can feed two bales at a time in here, so he will only have to feed up every other day.  Now..... we need three more.  Anyone?


Rockin' it up said...

that's so smart! Landon is so good at what he does. hope your weather is better than ours is here. it is raining again and I can barely resist the urge just to sleep the day away.

Shannon said...

Rain and cold weather are on there way. Of course W has brought home some snot and crud from school. The buddies got it yesterday. Good times, good times.

farmersdaughter4ever said...

Good job Landon! It's nice when you can create things w/o spending any $...and saving time too!

Marel Lecone said...