Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving- pt. 2

We exchanged Christmas gifts with Leigh and Dave on Wednesday night.  Dave is Irish, and every other year they go to Ireland to spend Christmas with his family.  I hope they have their kilts clean, and have brushed up on the River Dance.... just kidding.
Thursday we had the traditional Thanksgiving feast at my Grandmothers house.  Here is S playing with the old adding machine that we played with as kids.  I have spent countless hours pushing those buttons.
Here we have G, playing with my Fisher Price shopping cart that I received for Christmas one year.  All ten cousins have ridden up and down the halls in that thing, and now the great-grandkids are doing it.  Fisher Price doesn't make toys like they used to that's for sure!
Pooped out, after a long day of playing and eating.  Yep, at 5:30 I wondered why it was so quiet in the living room and found this.
There was also a brief melt down after we arrived back home, but we won't bring that up.  What do you suppose they are dreaming of.... turkey?  Adding machines?  Shopping carts?  Grandmama and Aunt Patsy dancing in the kitchen?  (Y'all thought I forgot.... didn't ya!)
Happy Turkey Day to everyone!


Elizabeth said...

Had that same FP shopping cart and it was (almost) indestructible!
Glad you had a good holiday!

Fantastagirl said...

I think every Grandma's house has some awesome toys that get used over and much fun to see the great-grands using them as well.

The poor little guys just had too much fun!

So glad you had a fantastic holiday!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I never got to see my grandmothers dancing. What a treat for you guys! You got to see your children's grandmother and your aunt dancing. And doing very well, thank you.