Tuesday, November 25, 2008

School Updates

I forgot to brag about the boys report cards for the first nine weeks.  Wyatt made straight A's.  A feat that took him until the fourth nine weeks last year.  He is doing extremely well, and is following in Levi's foot steps of excelling in Math and Science.  His Lexile Level went up 300 points during the first nine weeks also.  The highest in his class.  Levi had straight A's until he flunked a major Social Studies test and was lucky to make A-B honor roll, lol.  He had all A's and one B in S.S.  His grade in Math for the nine weeks was a 100.  (they don't put letter grades on the report cards any more, it is all numbers)  How is that possible?  His teacher told Landon that if she had a whole class of Levi's she would keep teaching Math forever.  Thanks to everyone who bought something from Wyatt to support the elementary school.  They raised 45,000 dollars in all.  (hopefully there won't be another fund raiser until the end of the year)  Luckily, the middle school doesn't really have fund raisers since they are getting money from dances, plays, and football games.   


Carolina Mama said...

Congratulations on those As! And all the Math and Science points! I love when they grade with grades! :) Here they just use this wacky little number system and it is not as fun. The kids find it meaningless. I try to make sense of it.

Traditional grades are great especially all As!!

The wedding looked lovely. What a cute couple!

Amanda said...

Congrats to the kids on their grades! Sounds like the year is off to a great start!

Marel Lecone said...

That is so great. Congratulations to the boys.

I am stressing first grade. I've really been working with Faith to be able to do the math homework on her own during a test. She's doing good. But, she didn't do well on her first couple of tests. So, we are staying very vigilant. I'm such a geek. I make up test homework for her sometimes so she can practice at home.

I don't want to assume that first grade is just the beginning and that she can be learning good study skills even now.

Have a great Thanksgiving holiday!

Fantastagirl said...

Sounds like they are having an awesome year!

Kids conferences were tonight - they are doing well - they don't get A's etc - but give points, M's and NI's (meets expectations, Needs improvement.)

Shannon said...

Yeah, ours don't get grades until the third grade. Before that you either know or you don't, lol.