Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Random Wedding Facts

The main thing we were worried about was the weather.  The week-end before it was freezing around here.  That and rain.
My father-in-law tried to bribe the hubs with a couple hundred dollars to run off and get married in South Carolina.  Seems all the yard work was killing him.  Landon refused, because he wanted his grandfather to see him get married.... which he did.  All of our grandparents were there.
My brother-in-law, Shaun, and the hubs hid the 4840 so no one would mess it up.  Then they locked the door.  Shaun went to retrieve it at the given time, but he forgot to unlock the door properly.  When he drove it up into the driveway, he started making gestures at the hubs and the father-in-law.  He is always doing silly things so we weren't sure what was going on exactly.  Turns out, he had locked himself inside of it accidentally.  You can ONLY unlock tractor doors from the outside.  He was trapped, lol.  He had to pass the key through the window so the hubs could let him out.

The buddies saw your truck at the shop yesterday and started screaming, "Look who's home.... look who's home!!!"  We miss you, Celeste and Scampy!

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Carolina Mama said...

Shannon wow! What a beautiful bride! And groom! YOu all look smashing. And the farm setting was gorgeous.

So young! I thought this was a wedding today too it was so stylist! Happy Thirteenth! THanks for sharing.

I love all of the John Deer theme, I have never seen that before.