Saturday, September 6, 2008

Two Weeks

Well, the first two weeks of school are over (after today's make-up day).  I have signed about 432 consent forms, sent in supplies, and bought field trip shirts, a "special" math calculator, lunch (not sure how I feel about the fast food line at middle school), P.E. uniforms, and sent in money for the first field trip next week.  Levi LOVES middle school.  He likes the new kids, having 8 teachers, changing classes, the rules, staying on gold level, lockers, the fast food line in the cafeteria, keeps up with A and B days, and knows his way around.  One of his favorite classes is cultural arts.  Yesterday he thanked me for signing him up for cultural arts.  "I didn't sign you up for anything, everyone takes it", I replied.  "No, Mama, they don't", he said.  "Okay, the A.I.G. kids might not", I added.  "Nope, Josh has to go take a special class because he didn't score high enough on the E.O.G.'s, he can't take cultural arts until he passes it", he told me.  "Okay, the school did that, not his parents.  They do that instead of summer school", I said.  "Anyway, whoever did it... I like it!"  Like I said, the boy loves everything.  He even had three quizzes yesterday, and still loves it, lol.  Only three people made 100 on the Math quiz, he was one of them.  Grandmama would be so proud.  
Wyatt (from what I'm told) has the BEST fourth grade teacher at Mount.  Everyone wants her.  He is having a ball!  The first spelling test was yesterday and he made 103, after missing seven words while we practiced the night before.  The teacher is reading Lewis, Clark, and Me out-loud in class.  The "me" in the story is a dog, and the book is written from his point of view.  Wyatt comes home every day and tells me almost word for word what they read.  The test should be a breeze.  The behavior cards are different this year and have to be signed every night.  He never forgets to remind me, so he can go to the end of the nine weeks reward party.  This is his first year for stuff like that, and he doesn't want to miss it!  His best bud is not in his class this year, but they have the same playground time, so he gets to talk to him outside every day.  Oh, that kid who said he didn't like him last year, is in his class, and from what I can gather, they are friends now.  In Wyatt's words, "It is okay now mom we are good, don't worry about it."  So far so good.


Rockin' it up said...

I think Wyatt is going to like reading! i am SO excited! :) Glad they are all enjoying school so far! I LOVED the pix of G & S w/ their backpacks! TOO cute! And the conversation about "tomorrow day" was hilarious! Dave and I both laughed about that one.

Marel Lecone said...

Wow--two weeks down! We just finished the first three days. There has been a little bit of hoopla with Faith's class. They just added a third 1st grade class like last Tuesday. The teacher is a substitute. The new teacher is final interviewing now. So, my kid did not get one of the very experienced first grade teachers that everyone raves about . . . I know that it will all be okay. But, I felt very compelled to speak with the assistant principal. She really eased my concerns. Although--a part of me thinks that she was just blowing smoke up my butt. But, truly, I hope and pray that everything gets a little more firm feeling for me. As for Faith, she loves it all. And, I have not shared any of my concerns with her. I can only trust that the people in charge know what they are doing. The big plus side is that there is only 16 kids in her class. So, yay for that. Take care. Sorry for long comment. :)

Shannon said...

Leigh, we just ordered Diary of a Wimpy Kid part two from his teacher. He can't wait. Thanks for getting him excited about reading again!

Marel, hopefully it will all work out. The smaller class size is definitely a plus. First grade is allot of fun, except for the spelling tests, lol.

Fantastagirl said...

I am so glad Wyatt has discovered the awesome adventure that is books!

And for Levi to be adjusting to middle school so well - that is awesome!!!

Elizabeth said...

Guess what?! I live in St. Charles, MO - right in the heart of Lewis & Clark territory. In fact, I was down on the riverfront this weekend and took some great photos of old St. Charles, where they landed, etc. Email me if you'd like me to send you some of the photos from this weekend. I'd love to give Wyatt a current view of the mark Lewis & Clark left on our country! And if there are any other L&C items he wants (other photos of signs or locations or any other things like souvenirs), I can start a search for you!