Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Friday, the buddies both had some issues with other kids hitting them, and they, in turn, hit back.  I told them if they would just tell the teacher, she would deal with it, and I would take them to Barrier Store for a sucker.  Yesterday, when I picked them up, I asked if they hit anyone.  They both said no.  I asked them if they hit each other, again the answer was no.  I asked if anyone hit them and they said no, then S said someone hit him and he did tell the teacher.  So we stopped by the store.  With all the excitement, you would have thought we were on the way to Carowinds or something.  It was lunch time when we parked out front, so allot of trucks were there including the father-in-laws, and Uncle Mike's.
S- Hey, there is grandpa's truck.  Look, Grandpa is here eating lunch.  Do they have a table?
Me- Yes they have a tab.....
G- (interrupts) THAT is NOT Grandpa's truck.  THAT is MIKE'S truck.
S- What?
G- Grandpa's truck is dirty and old.  MIKE'S truck is clean and shiny!

We climb out of the car.

G- (points to another truck, identical to the first one, but muddy) LOOK, I TOLD YOU!  THERE is Grandpa's truck over there.  Look S.
S- Ohhhh, I forgot G.  Grandpa's truck IS dirty.  

Once inside, it was straight to the candy aisle.  There wasn't even time to wave to Grandpa, who immediately hollered out, "HEY BOYS!"  They were boys on a mission.  A SUCKER mission, if you will.  I hope I haven't started something.


Amanda said...

I think you have started something, but good for them for not hitting!

Thanks for stopping by, and yes, all the antihistamines make my son wild, but Zyrtec and Claritin took a bit longer to show the effect than the others. Benadryl and Singulair we could see instantly.

Colleen said...

Aw, that's so great that it worked! And so funny that they recognize Grandpa's truck as the dirty one!

BE said...

Oh, you started something. Funny how a little treat can do wonders on behavior. It might be worth it, if it works.

Flip Flop Momma said...

those damn sucker missions will do it everytime..

poor gramps gets overlooked 4 a tootsie pop;)

angie said...

LOve this story. Suckers are my favorite bribe, too. I mean reward. :)

Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe how grown-up Stone and Gage seemed last night. They told me all about their dad's equipment... which things were old, but that their dad saved money by not buying a new one...what each piece of equipment did, etc. They were a lot of fun, even if they did try to run me down with a big wheel and a scooter! Oh yes, I want a list of rules for the climbing wall. The buddies told me I had to jump from the top, that I couldn't climb back down. I told them that Grandmas don't jump. We're doing good to climb!
Love, Mom
PS It looks like we'll be taking David for an x-ray tomorrow morning at Albemarle Orthopedics. His ankle is still very swollen. Pray that it isn't broken or anything serious.

Fantastagirl said...

You may have started something - but not having them hit someone? I'd say pick up a package of dum-dums and let them have one!

So funny about the trucks.