Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rainy Days and Nights

Often times, around here, if it has been raining all day long and continues raining throughout the afternoon, the hubs comes in early.  
Wyatt took full advantage of this after supper, and asked the hubs to teach him how to make a good paper airplane.  There was much talk and planning about the design, and some serious paper folding going on.
The result was a pretty awesome flying plane.  It went all the way across the kitchen and into the old kitchen area.  Wyatt was very proud of his creation.  (Levi was doing ELA homework, but he is never one to miss a photo opportunity)
The buddies were busy making playdoh food.  G was on pizza patrol, complete with mushrooms and pepperoni.
S was head operator of the crabby patty supply line.
Here is G adding some more ingredients to his pizza.
What's this?  A new recruit?  Playdoh time is MUCH more fun when Daddy is involved.  


Carolina Mama said...

Well be needing to resort to some of this. It is another gray one here today. Looks so fun. Isn't it amazing what a paper airplane can do!

"B" said...

The pictures are too cute!! The next rainy day I'm skipping school to hang out with y'all. LOL

Shannon said...

Keep in mind... this all took place after supper. So, technically, you could go to class and still make crabby patties and airplanes. ;)

BE said...

Cute! It's amazing how much more fun everything is when Daddy is involved.

twin power mommy said...

My kids are gonna hafta come to your house to play with playdoh.
I DO NOT allow that stuff in my home. Not that i don't enjoy playing with it...i just don't enjoy the mess it brings and the clean up afterwards.ughhhh
How fun that daddy played for a bit with them all.
I like it when Chris is able to stop and play with the kids for a moment. It melts my heart.

angie said...

Looks like some seriously good daddy time.