Friday, September 19, 2008

Just Because

These were just too darn cute.  Out-takes from the beach pictures.  Don't you just love how the sunglasses are bouncing above his nose?
Or how about the fact that they are covered in sand and still having fun!  Love it!


BE said...

Cute pics!

Anonymous said...

We can learn a lot from children...their ability to fully enjoy the simplest things!
Love ya, Mom

Shannon said...

Well Said!

Fantastagirl said...

I love the pure joy on his face.

twin power mommy said...

I love how they can have so much fun at the beach, like you said, with sand all over their bodies.
After our day is done and we go to rinse the kids off, i am amazed at where the sand made it's way to. And the fact that they still laughed and played the whole time without complaint.
Kids are resilient! Those are some pretty darn cute pics of your boys!