Friday, August 1, 2008

Summer Readers Celebration

Wednesday the summer readers celebration was held at the Cabarrus Arena.  Normally they have it at Frank Lisk Park in August, when we are at the beach.  This year they moved it inside and up to July.  All the libraries in our county come together for the last hoorah. 
Inside, everyone and their brother was there.  When I say everyone, I mean even summer camps came.  The boys jumped and crawled inside of those big blow-up things and then moved on to the games.  
The lines were slowly growing longer and longer, so we picked the ones with the shortest wait.  This one was so cute!  After you played each game you received a prize.  Why must every prize make noise?  Seriously, we were in a building for pete's sake.  They got harmonicas, kazoos, whistles, you know.... all things to make one slowly go insane.
By the time we walked over to the opposite side of the arena, the lines were too long.  It was also lunch time.  So we decided to split.  I know they have had free hotdogs and Sun-drop in the past, but this year there was no free food to be had.  Sun-drop.... where were you?
Here are the fellas posing with their treasured loot.  


Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart said...

Oh, it looks like such a good time.

And yes, what is it with those prizes and making noises. Seriously?

BE said...

What a neat thing. I don't think Stanly does anything like that. We only have the Summer Reading Program that you can earn prizes by reading. And I agree about the noisy prizes, but it's either that or junky candy.

Shannon said...

Yeah, I know. They also earn some cool stuff through-out the program like free Chick-fil-a, and free pizza hut pizza, and free kids meals at Bob Evans. Levi even earned a t-shirt.

"B" said...

Looks like they had a lot of fun!