Sunday, August 3, 2008

More Pics for Shaun

I hear through the grapevine that Uncle Shaun wants more pics of the house.  He was in charge of this project, before he left us for the beautiful state of Wyoming.  Not to much is going on.  Dan is painting randomly around the house a little each day, and we haven't seen Myron in two weeks.  (so.... no, the siding is still not finished)
Funny story, the hubs and I both are the oldest child in our families.  We both have younger siblings, with the next one below us named "Shaun".  When Levi was at Bible School he asked for prayer for his Uncle Shaun.  The teacher knows my family quite well, and asked what was wrong with him.
"Oh, he is fine", replied Levi.  "He moved to Wyoming and I just want to be sure he is safe."  "What?"  The teacher asked.  "How long is he going to be gone?"  To this L replied matter of factly, "A year, we really miss him."
"How was he able to leave for a whole year?" asked the puzzeled teacher.  " "Hmmmm, I don't know", said L.  The teacher said a long prayer, and spent several sentences on Levi's Uncle Shaun for his safe return in a year.  That is when L got the impression that they weren't talking about the same Uncle Shaun.  After the prayer he said, "My Dad has a brother named Shaun too.  HE is the one that went to Wyoming, NOT Mom's brother".
"Whew, I was going to say..... how could he just move his whole family for one year out of the blue like that!" replied the teacher laughing.  


farmersdaughter4ever said...

lol...that story about the "Shauns" sounds like me trying to explain to people about which "Helms'" I'm talking about....people are always confused about which side of the family I am talking about...they also get me and Sam mixed up...thinking that Sam is mom's daughter and I'm her's weird!

Shannon said...

That would be confusing, lol.

"B" said...

Too funny!