Friday, August 8, 2008


Ever fill like you are running out of time?  I mean, August has just begun and I fill like time is running out for summer fun.  The 9th-16th we will be on vacation.  The 20th we pick up L's schedule at the middle school, and purchase P.E. uniforms.  The 21st is open house for the middle school and the elementary school.  The 25th is the first day of school for the big boys.  The 27th is open house for preschool.  Sheesh... someone bring me a cherry lemon sundrop stat!
(Oh, and a maid to clean this place up before we leave tomorrow, lol)


Heather's World said...

Whew, a packed schedule! Isn't it funny that we always want the house to be cleaned thoroughly before going on vaction? I used to think my mom was crazy for it, but now I am the same way! Have a good vacation!

BE said...

I know about how the summer seems to be almost over. I feel like we haven't even really done that much, but really we have.
Where are the buddies going to preschool? Every day, all day? or just part time?
Have fun at the beach!

Carolina Mama said...

Oh, I know, it just goes quickly. This is another cute picture of the cuties. Have a great vacation!

Shannon said...

They are going to St. John's three days a week, from 8:45-12:15. They will eat lunch there also. I chose that one because they will be going to school with those same kids, vs. Carolina where everyone goes to the school there or another school in Stanly. The hubs is excited because he went there and loved it, lol. Also nice that it starts at the same time that school starts around here. So if I ever have to drive the older boys it won't be an extra trip and back again. L starts at 8:30, and W and the buddies start at 8:45.

angie said...

Have a great trip. Love this picture of the boys!