Friday, July 4, 2008

A Little Late

While we were at the mall the other day, I asked the big boys how many bathing suits they had for the beach.  Don't ask me why, but four seems to be a good number when it is basically the only article of clothing one wears all week.  L said he had 7 because he received some from Sam and Walker, so he was set.  W said he had 5 or so.  We proceeded on to the Gap.  Then made our way to Old Navy in search of another rash guard for the buddies.  I was in sale heaven with 6 dollar rash guards and 4 dollar bathing suits!  I asked W again, if he was SURE he had enough bathing suits.  And if he would like to try some on.  He assured me he was good.  The buddies tried on their shirts, and as we were leaving I asked everyone one last time if they needed anything for the beach trip.  They again replied no.  
Fast-forward to us driving to John Deere, an hour later.  
W- Mom?
Me- Yes?
W- I only have three bathing suits for the beach.
W- I only have three bathing suits for the beach.
Me- I heard THAT, why are you just now telling me this?
W- I didn't know when to tell you.
Me- Ummmm, how about when we were in Old Navy?
W- Well, I was thinking about how many I had when you were in the changing room with the buddies.
Me- Yes?
W- And, well, I didn't have time to tell you I needed another one.
Me- You.Didn't.Have.Time.
W- No, and then we were leaving.
Me- But, I asked you when I came out of the changing room, and you said no.  I asked you again when we were leaving the store and AGAIN you said no.
W- Yeah, like I said.....I didn't have time.
Me- You better hope and pray that Wal-Mart has something decent. (I caught a glimpse of L in the mirror laughing)

KIDS!!!!!  They NEVER cease to amaze me. 


farmersdaughter4ever said...

that is SO different from my daughter who is ALWAYS trying to tell me to NEEDS another dress or swimsuit, or whatever..she doesn't care...she just wants more clothes! Anything I offer to get her, she is game!....I guess that is one more difference between boys and girls! and so far, she has rubbed off on Ian too! He is always asking...."is that mine?" when I am looking at clothes for him...and if I say no, then he starts on the...."I buy that"...just like his sister!! The difference in our kids are really funny!....have fun at the beach!

Shannon said...


Shannon said...

Boys and girls are so different. It is kind-of like when they tell you their tennis shoes are too tight, five minutes before the bus comes. A girl would tell you the moment they started getting too small, lol.