Saturday, July 12, 2008

Beach Fun

I have decided to stop trying to get the kids to "pose" for me, and instead just shoot as they play.  So you will see allot of running and such.  We have our water babies and our sand babies.  This kid RARELY came out of the ocean.
This kid prefers to dig and make roads around my chair.  He also buried my flip flops, but we won't get into that right now.  ;)
The other water babies.  S thinks that he is 11 and tried to give us heart failure on a regular basis by going out farther than we had agreed upon.
Ahhh, here is the husband in his chair in the shade.  His eyes may or may not be closed, you can never tell with those sunglasses on.
W and L digging to China.  Wasn't that relaxing?  Stay tuned for more.


Anonymous said...

It's easy for me to hark back to the days when that was you and Shaun and baby Leigh. Or even later with Leigh, Bethany, and David. Good, good memories. I'm so glad your guys like the beach. Now I'm ready for our vacation! A little note, in your dad's latest email he says that Ukarumpa has the perfect climate, perpetually autumn, and that there are many missionary opportunities there. You can read into that what you wish, but he said we'd talk when he gets home.

BE said...

cute pics! You're quicker than me, I still haven't sorted through our beach pics yet.

Carolina Mama said...

Yaay! You've already got the pics up. Ahh look so good. I love your revelation b/c recently I gave into just shots from their backside. They're always running out in front. :) You got some great shots. The sand.

And I cannot wait to hear about the flip flops.... ;)

Fantastagirl said...

Looks like you had the beach to yourself, and perfect weather! Beautiful pictures!

Shannon said...

While there are others on the beaches, they are very spread out. The exact opposite of Myrtle Beach. That is why we love it so.

Kelsey said...

Oh what fun! You got some AWESOME photos!