Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wyatt's Room

Here is the second installment in the renovation tour.  Wyatt's room is themed to ocean-surfer.  I am still looking for a surf board to hang on one wall that isn't too expensive.  The pepsi crate holds his prized Hot Wheels collection (crate and fish are from the antique sale). His furniture is from K-town, I paid cash, so they took several hundred dollars off of the price for me.  The lamp is from Wal-mart at the beach and the art work is by Wyatt.
The wall color was a process that included many tears.  It was supposed to be a light coffee color, but came out looking pink.  (a common problem with the beige family)  We ended up mixing some colors we already had, to get the light blue you see here.  The bedding and curtains are from Target (on sale), and the rug is a remnant from Lowe's ($14).  Cute fish painting is from the antique sale.
Window seat with a husband from Anna's Linens and basket from Hobby Lobby.  Art work is by Wyatt and fish are from the antique sale.  The duct work was added after the house was built.  No one could figure out how to get it to this room, so it has none.  Therefore, when it starts getting hot, we put in his window unit.
His desk is the first piece of furniture Landon and I bought together.  An antique wooden drafting table from Salvation Army ($40), the chair was here when we moved in.  I like the layers on it, so I left it as is.   Trash can is from Lowe's, all other accessories are from Hobby Lobby half off sale.  This chair was the inspiration for the black furniture, I didn't want it to compete with the desk.
His closet is his little oasis.  He sits in there for hours building Lego cars and robots.  The shoe organizer is from Lowe's, and holds much more than shoes.  Little people can't reach the PSP when it is in a high pocket, lol.  There was enough carpet left the do the whole closet.  The Lego box was a close-out from Lowe's ($2), Lego table is from Uncle David.  His room total was more than the others because we were one bed short, when Wyatt and Levi wanted separate rooms.  Furniture, paint, bedding, and accessories were still under $1000.  


Amy said...

I LOVE this room- the colors are wonderful and I love your decor in there. So beautiful AND frugal! Thanks for the inspiration!!

Shannon said...

Wyatt wanted to buy the larger green fish at the sale last month, and then spotted the smaller one. He walked up to the lady with his money and told her the smaller one was chipping. She threw it in for FREE! Maybe I have a little bargain hunter in the works, lol.

Tara said...

Oh this is sooooooooooooooo CUTE!! Looks like a design from a magazine. The colors are perfect. It looks so nice and neat... no clutter.. My son's room..wellllll... it has potential, but when I see toys scattered over every inch of the floor and hanging off the rafters.. its hard to see what could be lol :) Good job on the decorating!!!!

BE said...

Looks great! Love, love, love his furniture- very nice. You did an awesome job.

farmersdaughter4ever said...

It looks awesome!....I think I need to hire you for Emma and the baby's room. I am trying to decide how to "split" it in half and make it super cute. They both have an island surfer look in their bed set (Emma and Ian had matching rooms when Ian was born)...but one is pink, orange and green....very girlie and the other is blue, navy,red and bold boy colors....how to mix, I'm not sure!...any thoughts?

Grandma Debra said...

WYatt, I love your room! Mom did a great job! I know where there may be a surfer board, at JR's in Statesville. I was there last week and they had lots of beachy, lake items, and I believe I saw one. I will stop by to look again.