Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I'm not sure how I missed these photos back in March.  But they are so pretty I wanted to post them anyway.  Above is the spray coup, or sprayer.  Kids love these things because they look like an airplane going around in the fields.
Say hello to the water truck.  These are always an example of a farmers ingenuity and creativity.  There is even a homemade hand and eye wash station on there.
Some of you may have already figured it out, but these are pictures of Chuck's Place.  All the land we rent has names so I know where to drop off parts, or pick up the husband.
Another view of the sprayer and the water truck.  Now, imagine driving that truck down the highway at fifty five.  What do you think happens every-time he has to stop?  Yeah, allot of sloshing.  
Some people may not know this, but applicators have to get a license to spray in N.C.  The husband has to attend classes every so often to renew it.  Good math skills also come in handy.  He has to figure out the size of the field, the rate of application (there are different size tips), his speed, and how much chemical he needs to mix with the water.  A mistake of overage would be very costly, and could result in total kill down.  Sometimes more than one are applied at a time.  There is also a foam marker to fill up on the other side.  Spray companies come out with new chemicals every year, so there is always a call or two to Southern States.


LZ Blogger said...

I was asked to come over (from Cliff's Blog) to check out your blog. Well thanks for the look around and the farm information too. You sure have four happy looking boys there. So whatever you are doing... KEEP IT UP! ~ jb///

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